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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I have been on myspace now for awhile, and I am really getting tired of all of the emails that I get that are freaky, unintelligible, or just downright freaky. So I thought I would share some of the funnier ones with my blogger buddies- hopefully you'll get a good laugh at them:

Hello am kenny from west africa nigeria, i saw ur pix on my space,i will like to chat with u am 25 yrs old.i need a decent love in the stAte since i got my business and and i want to start a relationship,i had about the state and since then i have been having it in mind to have a relationship in the state am loving,caring honest and responsible . u can contact me through this email ******** me on this number 23***55523746 or u add me on ur messanger so we chat there. i will be happy to hear from u it's me KENNY

Hi, dear lady, your photos are nice Happy to meet you. How do you do ? I am Hongwu in Beijing, China. I am software engineer. In spare time, I study in Beijing University I feel is a very good place. Do you feel happy here ? Do you know something about China ? How American people think about contemporary China ? If you are interested, I will send you some pictures about China & myself at once. So you can understand something about China at first. Please give me your email address. My email address: ****** ****** On, I have instant messager. Hope to hear from you Hongwu in Beijing University, China

Hi, I was just curious if you would allow me to pay you to kick me and / or to just put your feet in my face?

Do u wanna know Japan? I can send tickets and US$15000 to u stey here 2 weeks wanna? U can be famous model here please, speak with me

Hey there, Howz it goin? Are ya intersted in a photoshoot? I wud love to photograph you for no charge Check out my work on myspace Let me know...Thanks

u look good am new 2 sterling va hope 2 meet some new people hope we can chat or talk is there any good clubs or bars around here 703 975 **** rick

hey bow are you? I like your profile....are you as shy as you look like ? ;-) have you ever given a footjob? hmmmm

well, maybe not in a physical sense but when I read your "About Me" section, I wasn't quite sure whether you were describing me or yourself and found myself re-reading that note several times. Please do not think that this is my attempt of "hooking" up. I am just genuinely (had to google that word for the correct spelling) surprised that someone is out there with the same quirks as me.

how are u doing ? hpe everything is ok? i don't even know where to start from, d first day i gone through ur profile i nearly got mad wonderling how i can get to know this wonderfull lady, since then i don't know to express my feeling to u as i'm always thinking of u , my mind reveals to me that u are the one i've been searching for years ago, can not wait until i express my mind to u, i couldn't thinking of another thing ezcep u, in face i have never had this kind of feeling for any lady, however a three letter word is in my mind to tell u which will sumerize all whati've been written i'm afaid to say it coz i don't know how u can feel after saying it but if u promise me u will not get mad at me then i'm ready to say it all, always thinking of u. u can reach me on yahoo messanger @ **** u can add me true this mail so that will can chat much better or ring my number +23480281**057 thanks love u am from west africa looking for the luv of my life u might be the 1....stay bless thanks....

hello am dan by name am searching i came across your profile it was nice i w like to know you more better infact i like your look and i we like to know your name can we meet on yahooim dan_***

Is your cousin single?Im a 24 year old Gov IT Contractor new to the area looking to make new friends. She is gorgeous. Im lookin for a beautiful intelligent woman, to sweep me off my feet. Where is ashburn? Anyway, Have a great weekend.

Freaking morons.


nicole 3/11/2006 10:38:00 PM  

Is there some hidden option I haven't checked in myspace that prevents me from receiving these [majorly disturbing] messages??

Hey, what IS your myspace name anyway? (I promise not to send you anything...) ;)

nicole 3/11/2006 11:11:00 PM  

Mine would be...

Kirsten 3/12/2006 09:37:00 AM  

Dear Ash...

I new you would be great feind from time I first herd you words. Me want to be you feind for life. Do u wanda chat sometime? Me would love to have that.

Oh my lord girl...I would die laughing from all that shit...tho some of them are kinda creepy...would definately weird me out (had to google that so to spell that write...hehehehe)
Seriously, have you gotten that power surge problem worked out? I will be on for a little, I will talk to ya later

:)Just me

Ashburnite 3/12/2006 10:50:00 AM  

Nicole- actually look like your avatar

Kirsten- those are just the tip of the iceburg....I get so many of those. some people really know how to butcher the English language

Leon 3/21/2006 05:22:00 PM  

Bunch of freaks. Who would be dumb enough to go on an anonymous photoshoot? MySpace is the hi5 from hell.

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