Monday, February 26, 2007

All I can say is that if Antonella Barba is not booted from American Idol this week, we'll know that sh*t is fixed. Remember Frenchie? She wasn't even naked in the pics (or performing oral sex) and he was kicked off.

I'm sure Antonella's parents are so proud of their Catholic University daughter.**

**No judgement- I'm just saying that if you're going to be on American Idol, there better not be any naked pics of you floating around.

After seeing the other pics of her, this picture made me laugh my ass off:

Now the question is, was she pretending the mic was something else, or was she pretending that "something else" was a microphone?


Happy Birthday to ME!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holy shit I'm old. 30 is getting a little too close.


Monday Potpourri

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yes, I realize I haven't posted in a long time. Things have been crazy around here. My boss just landed a dream job at a very posh hotel in LA- which is great for her, but means a shit-ton more work for me. I'm doing 2 people's jobs for the same pay. However, it's a great learning experience, so I guess it's worthwhile.

You like me. You really like me. I won "Best DC Blog" last week (yay!). It was the first weekly competition, with me facing off against Mister Jinxy, Dumb Things I have done lately, Bathroom Reading, Big Fat Slob, Drunken Reveries of a Cynical Mind, Barzelay, Big Head Rob, Irina is always right, Katrina Morgan, The Liberal Banana, Roosh V, Twenty-something Sam, and Virgle Kent.

It was an honor being nominated, and I hold my competition in the highest regard (well, almost all of my competition- *wink*). Now I can proudly display my winnings:

Things have been going well with "George Clooney," but I will not get into that- I'm keeping that private- thankyouverymuch. I will tell you, though, that we are going on a cruise in March. Perfect timing- I know I'll be ready for sun & sand.

This will also be the first Valentine's Day in a very long time that doesn't make me want to run out into traffic. For the first time I'm not dreading February 14th.

In other news, my birthday is 8 days away, and my mom will be visiting this weekend. Which means lots of shopping (woo hoo!).

Oh, and I discovered a new favorite food. Normally, because of the Celiac, going to Macaroni Grill is torture- I debate whether or not to eat something I really love (pasta) but am allergic to and will ultimately regret, or to eat something I'm not really into will whomever I am dining with enjoys their pasta. Well, no more. Macaroni Grill has an awesome salad- it's heaven in a bowl- the Seared Sea Scallops Salad. Seriously- I am in love. For my other Celiac buddy- definitely try it.

I wasn't going to mention the whole Anna Nicole debacle, but I can't help myself. I really feel bad for her- and now for her baby. This woman has been through so much, and was basically a running joke. It's so sad. She never saw a dime from her marriage and has spent so many years in court, fighting for what was rightfully hers. Was it wrong for her to marry some old geezer for money? Maybe, but who are we to judge? Whether or not it was wrong, that money was left to her. I'm sure J. Howard Marshall was not so stupid that he didn't realize she was after the money. But he still left the money to her, so she must have had some redeeming qualities.

Anyways, I promise I won't wait an entire week before posting again.


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