Merry Christmakkah!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm in the mountains on dial-up, so I won't be doing much blogging. See y'all on Wednesday.


Sad day in DC blogs

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm sad to say that both Circle V and Kathryn have quit blogging. It's a sad day indeed.


Anons are fun

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So, last week, when checking my mail, I noticed that someone had commented on an old post. It was the first post that made it onto Wonkette, but I'm surprised when I still get comments on it, considering how long ago it was. But what surprised me the most was the actual comment. And since the commenter was nice enough to use her real name in the comment (real smart, eh?), I'm going to give you guys the comment in it's entirety (and all it's glory).

The comment was on the "Myspace Trainwrecks" post. If you haven't read it, please do so- it will help you understand the comment.

"dude ur just fuckin jealous that you're not having the time of your life like the people in those pics. i got pics of me in my birthday suit doin a kegstand on sat night and you know what? it ws so fuckin liberating! who the fuck caares man?? just lay back and enjoyyy smoke a blunt, thats what life it about.. doing whatever makes you happy and notgiving a fuck. maybe talking shit about people you dont even know from alaska makes you happy... so hey, keep on at it if it does!! hahah
Lauren [Her Last Name]
Rhode Island"

I'm not going to share the person's name, but since this genius decided to sign hers- and in the comments- I'm guessing she doesn't care about privacy, so go look for yourself. Lauren, sweetie, given that I'm you're under 18, you should probably not use your real name on a blog- especially if you live in a state the size of my back yard. Given the idiotic comment, I'm guessing she has a Myspace page, so I searched for her name and sure enough, there's only one person with her name in Rhode Island with a picture on her page (I'm guessing that someone who lets people take pictures of her doing a naked keg stand wouldn't shy away from posting her pic on her Myspace page). Oh, and she does look like the class ho.

Now, I could really pick her apart, but instead I'm going to give her this. I'm guessing that she doesn't have any of it, or knows the meaning of it. Doing naked keg stands doesn't earn you any respect from anyone, Lauren. Maybe when you grow up (oh, and stop smoking so much pot), you'll realize that. But, given that you are already 17 and have very little grasp of the English language, I'm guessing you'll end up waiting tables at the local Friendly's for the rest of your life. Oh, and I'm hoping there's a free clinic somewhere in your neighborhood.

*by the way, spell-check just went crazy on that comment.


Stupid question of the day

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A very annoying, very slow client called me four times this morning, each question dumber than the previous. Perhaps the worst one:

Client (asking about her group's reservations): "You don't make separate reservations for the couples?"

Me: "No, if it's a couple with the same last name, we just make one reservation."

Client: "But how does the front desk know that they are a couple? Do they ask if they are husband and wife?"

At this point I had to put her on hold, laugh my ass off, compose myself, then pick up the phone again.

Me: "No, the front desk doesn't ask them. If they have one reservation and the same last name and are sharing a room, it's a pretty safe assumption that they are a couple."

Client (not even realizing how idiotic her questions were): "But what if they don't have the same last name, but are sharing a room?"

Me: "then, as you can see from the rooming list we sent you, we make two separate reservations, even if they are sharing a room."

Client: "about the rooming list, how do I know that the two people (names) are in the comp suites we requested?"

Me: "because in the rate column, instead of the group rate, it says $0." (thinking) duh.

Seriously? I hope this woman doesn't work around any sharp objects or heavy machinery.



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm finally getting around to my recap of Blogger Happy Hour (yes, it was 5 days ago). I've been such a slacker lately.

I met a few new people, which was great. Carrie M is awesome, DCVita is hot, and FreckledK in no way resembles her avatar (that's a compliment, by the way). I also had the pleasure of meeting KOB (from DC Blogs), who seemed content to just stand back and watch the craziness (can't say I blame him). It was Kassy's birthday, and V brought an amazing cake (which was yummy, by the way). Poor HomeImprovementNinja was picked on by Velvet about his "European" sweater, but he took it very well. AW and I mostly chilled at the table with Heather B and WiB and watched some almost-drama unfold. BettyJoan unfortunately had to leave early, but did make an appearance. I vaguely remember chatting with Joe Logon, Red, and VP of Dior, but I was a little tipsy by that time- I had taken Brunch Bird's suggestion (at least I think it was her suggestion) and asked the bartender for my drink (Tanqueray & Tonic) in a large glass with double tonic, but I think she misunderstood and doubled the Tanqueray instead. I saw Scarlett and Hey Pretty briefly.

I did not win best breasts, but did tie Kathryn for best grammar. And a tie with the queen bee in any category is an honor.

All in all, it was a good time, and I-66 is doing a great job of organizing these things. There seem to be more and more people at every one.


Vote for ME!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I-66 is winding up the blogging year with some superlatives. I'm hoping for any of the following (hint hint): Best Breasts (they are pretty spectacular); Best Grammar (yeah because I'm a geek like that); or Ms. Congeniality (what? I'm nice to everyone..ok, almost long as you don't annoy me). So get your vote on! Deadline is Friday.


I think they found him

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I wonder if he was nervous while reporting this?


In my rearview

Monday, December 04, 2006

How is it that no one in the greater DC area knows when it is appropriate to use high- beams and when they need to turn their lights down? Being that I grew up in a rural area, I know that there is virtually no need to ever use them in this area. There are streetlights, people. And other cars. Please, if you aren't used to flipping that little handle to turn them off whenever another car is approaching, then just don't use them at all.

I can't tell you how many times I've been virtually blinded since moving here because some self-absorbed choad doesn't know that it's rude to leave his high-beams on. It's simple, asshat: it's that little handle, similar to the windshield wiper one, and on the other side of the steering wheel. You pull it toward you to change between high- and low- beams. Simple as that.

So please, people, I'm sick and tired of having to re-adjust all of my mirrors to keep from burning out my corneas. And if you see this car (with some Penn State decals) turn your damn lights down:


Why I hate Chicago

Friday, December 01, 2006

No, I have never actually been into Chicago, but I've been in the cluster-fuck that they refer to as an airport more than my fair share of times- and never had a good experience. Enough that I hate the entire city based soley on their airport. Rachel's post today reminded me of why I detest O'Hare so badly. A bad experience every. single. time. I even hate that airport enough that I would rather take a much longer layover somewhere else than have to step foot in that hell hole again.

Last time I went to Vegas, for the return flight I had 3 options- a one-hour layover in Dallas/Ft. Worth, a two-hour lay-over in Chicago, or a five hour lay-over at LAX. I never opt for the one-hour, because you never know- one delay and you're screwed. So that left Chicago or LA. And I should mention that the few hours difference between the two was a difference between an evening flight (Chicago) or a red-eye (LA). That's how much I hate O'Hare- I opted for the 5-hour layover and a red-eye back to Dulles rather than having a two-hour layover in Chicago. As some of you may know- two hours between flights is never enough when that connecting flight is in Chicago. O'Hare is a jumbled mess of gates, long delays, and even longer holding patterns.

Take my advice- never, never take a connecting flight in Chicago. And O'Hare can kiss my ass.


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