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Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't get me wrong. I use Facebook as much as the next person. But it's getting a little out of control. Not only do I now know the moods, activities, likes and dislikes of everyone I've worked with, gone to high school with, or even just run into who happens to have a Facebook account, but I'm also forced to feel like an old woman.

Earlier today, someone sent me a group invite from one of those "I'm from....(whatever shit town you grew up in)." So, of course I joined. Then I spent the next few minutes scrolling through the other 240 members. It's a sad, depressing day when you see the children of your high school teachers in college. I remember these "kids" when they were just that (I'm from a small town where everyone knows your name- like "Cheers" only with more booze). So seeing the 19-year old son of my 7th grade science teacher and thinking "daaaamn" is more than a little disconcerting.

The thing is, I usually don't even think about how old I am. Everyone in my social circle is around the same age and my coworkers are all older. But there are times when it hits me. Jesus I'm 30. Time to do something productive. Time to get a move on.

Of course, this results in anxiety- for which my doctor just recently prescribed a remedy. Then I start thinking about the fact that I am taking medication. And the numerous side effects. And of course, I start worrying. I scour the web for information on any possible side effects. And for every story of how the drug works for people, there are 10 people telling of how the drug made them "go crazy-" most of which is total bullshit. So, being that I have anxiety issues, I start worrying about that. It's a terrible downward spiral of worry.

Maybe I should just avoid Facebook.


Anonymous,  9/24/2008 07:25:00 PM  

I was on Facebook for a couple days, but got booted when they realized that I was using a fake name. There's nothing of great use to me there. Social networking is my list of things that need improvement on the Internet.

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