Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I found this funny post on Rands In Repose about quirks and it really got me thinking about all of mine- and how many I have in common with other people. I mean, some of these are direct quotes from the other post. Guess I'm not so weird after all.

1. switches have to be up when on, down when off.

2. everything has to be in even numbers (unless divisible by 5). Radio & tv volume, etc. I really don't like odd numbers.

3. The toilet paper roll has to go over, NOT under.

4. I drop the last word off sentences a lot, especially if I am nervous.

5. M&Ms must be eaten in even numbers. You wouldn’t want one side of your mouth to get jealous while the other eats an M&M, would you?

6. whenever I get a paper coffee cup sleeve, I _HAVE_ to line up the fold with the join in the paper cup. Always.

7. I always sort the jelly and jam by flavor when eating at restaurants that put the carrier on the table.

8. I try not to step onto broken parts of pavement.

9. aligning cutlery in restaurants

10. Browser tabs and task bars have to have their items in specific order, or else they’ve gotta be closed up and re-started.

11. Even after I *know* I’ve put my keys into my bag, I must double-check that they’re there before closing car door or trunk. Total OCD.

12. Whenever I see an open cupboard or drawer, I have to close it. I can’t bring myself to leave the room with it open

13. I can't STAND when someone takes something out of the microwave with time left on it and doesn't clear the time.

14. I eat Skittles & M&Ms in a specific order- the color I like the least first.

15. Everything on my desk has a place and a placement. I know when things have been moved. However, my bedroom is a mess and my bathroom counter is chaos.


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