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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So lately, in an effort to break my habit of putting all of my eggs in one basket, I’ve been on a lot of the dating sites and meeting a lot of people.  I’ve got quite a few dates lined up....and some of them I’m pretty “meh” about.  But, you never know.  One of these guys who doesn’t excite me via email may end up being “the one.”  So why not give all of them a shot, right?

The problem is that, I think deep down, I’m just plain lazy.  Serial dating just seems like so much work.  There’s all of the emailing and chatting and getting to know the person; followed by the supreme effort of making first-date conversation.  And the getting ready part? Foggetaboutit! Not to mention the let-down when one of the guys who was great via email and IM turns out to be a bore in person.  Add to that the possibility of rejection and you have a recipe for my current high level of anxiety.  As the number of men I date increases, so does the risk of rejection.  And considering that I am still recovering from the last few rejections (the big one in particular), I’m not sure my self-esteem can take it.

That being said...if you are out there and read this and believe that you are my soul mate, please save me some time and effort and just contact me.  The thought of doing all of this work to find someone I can stand for the next 50 years is giving me anxiety attacks.


Tara 7/07/2010 09:11:00 AM  

Good luck, I hope you do find someone really special!

The thought of having one date after another makes me a bit tense. That's my problem, though. I haven't dated in such a long time that having just one date will whip me into an anxious frenzy.

I would go on those dating sites more if they didn't charge so much. I can see the downside of a free dating website, though.

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