Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lately I've been very distracted by my personal life, and my work has been suffering. But no more!!!! Yesterday, a woman who is in my field and VERY high up in my company came to see my hotel. I had never spoken to or met her before, and was very surprised when I saw that she was not that much older than me. When I say very high up, I mean that she reports directly to a man who reports to the president of our company (one of the largest hotel companies worldwide).
Anyways, when she was introduced to me, she recognized my name. She said that she had heard about the project I was Beta-testing and the section of it that I was creating. We had lunch, and she asked me questions about myself and my career and goals, and even asked for my suggestions for putting more emphasis company-wide on my position. It was very re-assuring to know that someone in that position actually cares about employees. Prior to yesterday, I had started to feel like I was in a very under-appreciated position and was getting complacent.
So, I have decided to take a break from dating (and getting my heart broken), and focus my attention on my career. I think it is a much-needed break, especially since I am still reeling from the MU disaster, and dating anyone else right now just feels wrong. Until I am over him, or he comes back into my life (fat chance of that), I need to be by myself. Basically, I need to lock my heart away (for now) and not let anyone get to me.


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