Great Weekend

Monday, November 20, 2006

When you drink an entire bottle of champagne (yourself) before 11:00 am (I know, I'm a priss, but I'm allergic to beer (gluten), and I figured liquor would be a little tough at 8:00 in the morning).

When you really know how to tailgate: (we had a tent, a grill, some yummy breakfast, space heaters, and a paper football table) (my little cousin and his friends really know what they're doing)

When you end up having rock star seats- end zone, 11th row- and are close enough to see the blades of grass:

When the stadium is packed with about 109,000 fans, screaming "We are," "Penn State" simultaneously:

When you literally have to keep your friend from throwing her cell phone at the opponent team's creepy mascot (we were right next to the Michigan State section).

When your team's cheerleaders out-number the other team's by 48 to 6.

When your team wins, despite the lack of a good offensive line (we really need a new QB)

When you still have almost no voice and a wind-burnt face two days later.

Yeah, it was a great weekend. And congrats to Ohio State as well.


Tara 11/20/2006 11:28:00 AM  

Woo hoo! Go Buckeyes!
Yeah, my family is happy. I'm not a sports fan, but I still know who to support. :) Those were really great seats! Sounds like you had a good time, too!

Anonymous,  11/20/2006 11:48:00 AM  

"We Are... Unranked"

JoPa needs to go.

Anonymous,  11/20/2006 12:06:00 PM  

That's awesome. I'll be going back home for MY big game this weekend - your post got me all the more pumped.


minijonb 11/20/2006 02:39:00 PM  

uhhh... there's nothing creppy about Sparty. he rocks. do you guys have someone in a lion costume running around?

congrats to your winning season.

Johnson 11/20/2006 03:27:00 PM  

How can a PSU alum congratulate OSU? I guess I'm still a tad bitter over The Fiasco Bowl.

The Brewer Patriot 11/20/2006 03:32:00 PM  

I will not be congratulating Ohio State, I think I will hate them forever.

But, I am happy to see PSU in a bowl game for two years in a row. That is a good step. I will be there at the Outback Bowl. Go Lions!

The Husband 11/20/2006 07:32:00 PM  

those are some great photo's!

i love tailgating. i don't care how cold it is.

nicole 11/20/2006 09:50:00 PM  

Nice job, Ash. Glad you lived your weekend for BOTH of us. ;)

Jada 11/20/2006 10:21:00 PM  

Creepy mascot? Creepy mascot? Creepy mascot! Repent! Repent!

NotCarrie 11/20/2006 11:10:00 PM  

You had me at champagne.

Needtsza 11/21/2006 04:47:00 AM  

No shout out to WVU, ok. I see how it is ;)

Great pics. Looks/reads like a good time had by all. =)

Eric 11/21/2006 08:19:00 AM  

Last year I sat in the third row for the Penn State game where the beat Ohio State, it was pretty spectacular.

Anonymous,  11/21/2006 11:20:00 AM  

Thanks for the congrats to OSU. What a great weekend.

MappyB 11/28/2006 08:06:00 AM  

I'm a little late on this - but it looks like a fun day! Try drinking cider beer - it's a good substitute & gluten free (from what I have been told). :)

Steve 11/29/2006 12:07:00 PM  

Love the great Pics from Penn State! I found your site off of White Dade and had to give props to a fellow Penn Stater. I was in the End-Zone 8 rows up at the Orange Bowl last year and so I can appreciate the joy of a great seat for a great game. Good Times. Next year will be a better season. GO STATE!

Shodan25 12/03/2006 09:12:00 AM  

Prety funny series of posts about the game here:

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