Thursday, November 02, 2006

Warning: this will perhaps be the most vapid, shallow thing I've ever posted. While it's (for the most part- except for the "only expensive, designer products part) true, it's meant to be a parody*- an inside joke between myself and Velvet. Those of you she knows and trusts enough to have the password to her posts will probably know what (or who) it's a parody of. For the rest of you, I'm sorry, but tomorrow I will post something (a little) less idiotic.

My hair is so limp and yucky today. I have mentioned before how much I love Korre's Natural Products, and their Silk Milk conditioner is great. However, it contains rosemary oil, which is great, but you can't leave it on your hair for too long. I made that mistake last night in the shower. I have fine hair (luckily, there's a lot of it, so it isn't thin and stringy), so I have to basically put this conditioner on then rinse right away. Last night I forgot and started my "dolphin effect" maintenance. Ick. My hair is so oily and limp today. It's a ponytail day. I need to change conditioners, but I only use expensive, designer products, so I need to find another, more expensive conditioner.**

Ok, I hope that wasn't as painful to read as it was to type.

*I know, I am being immature, but my good friend Velvet could use a good laugh, so what are friends for?
**maybe one with a Coach logo all over it...(oops, did I say that?)

Note: Sorry this looks so jacked up....for some reason Blogger isn't publishing line breaks, so everything is one, long run-on paragraph. bastards. I swear I'm thisclose to making the switch to wordpress.


Freckled K 11/02/2006 02:11:00 PM  

Oh Lord, that's funny. I hope that I don't ever piss you off, Girlie -- you're a Scrapper.

Velvet 11/02/2006 02:23:00 PM  

Tears. Tears are coming out of my eyes.

Please, god forbid, do NOT beat any homeless people with your Coach bag. All they want is a dollar man. Just a dollar.

Cody 11/02/2006 02:38:00 PM  

Do it. You won't look back.

Velvet 11/02/2006 04:16:00 PM  

I love wordpress. I also love my pink laptop case and Coach bags but they have to be trendy, and I love when my upgrades to first class clear because damn if I'm going to fly coach with the rest of the L O S E R S.

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