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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Recently I've noticed that there seem to be a lot more annoying songs on the radio. Granted, I'm a top-40 listener, so there will always be annoying songs in that category, but it seems that lately I have had to change the station more times than I can count during my 9 to 5. Some of the annoying songs that make me want to throw the radio out the window:

1. Nickelback- Photograph. This one is finally dying down, but it still gets played at least twice a day. I really wish 99.5 would play the much better current Nickelback song, 'Figured You Out.' Now, I know it only gets played on DC101 (DC's rock station), and some of the whiney Britney-loving fans of the station will probably bitch about some of the lyrics ("I like your pants around your feet.""I like the dirt that's on your knees" "I like the way you still say please when you're looking up at me." "I like the white stains on your dress." But seriously, if a rapper put the same exact lyrics in a song, I can guarantee it would be played in a constant 30-minute rotation.
2. Juelz Santana- There It Go! (aka. the Whistle Song). I f#&%ing hate this song. I have never in my life heard such stupid garbage as this crap. Besides being an absolute waste of the energy it takes for me to change the station, it floors me that this moron could get a recording contract, and sell records! It is constantly in the top 10 and gets more radio play than it deserves.
3. Beyonce- Check On It. Most. Annoying. Song. Ever. Not to mention the dumbest lyrics. Beyonce's constant repeating of the phrase "check on it" makes me wish I was deaf. Normally, I like Beyonce's music. But this song is complete crap.
4. Anything by Eminem. Am I the only one who is so tired of hearing the shit he tries to pass off as "music"? I cannot believe that people actually look up to that woman-hating, wife-beater-wearing, thinks he's black, skinny white trash. Newsflash Em- just because you grew up in Detroit and rap does not make any less pasty. And women think he's sexy!??!! Come on!
Ok, enough ranting today. Sorry, but I'm tired and bitchy today.


nicole 3/09/2006 09:37:00 PM  

You pretty much SLAMMED the nail on the head with this one, Ash. I'm so underwhelmed with Eminem that it almost hurts. And I absolutely LOATHE that song "Photograph" (the Nickelback version; I love the Verve Pipe version) though I haven't quite put my finger on why, outside of the fact that it's incredibly LAME.

Kirsten 3/10/2006 09:11:00 AM  

I liked photograph when it first come out, but like you, am so totally sick of it...I am the worst when it comes to changing the drives the hubby insane when we drive together...which I try not to do too often, for the whistle song....I do like I hate when my little one whistles with the song..she has got to be the loudest whistler I have ever heard..goes right back to that muzzle thing...hehehehhe..beyonce, yeah...I don't think so...and same with, there ya go..the one thats got me pissy right now is So Sick...god...they play that song like every five fricken minutes, im SO SICK of that song...hehehe...gotta go..yeah, I know..I need to update....I
:)Just me

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