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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thanks to Tara for this one. Hey, at least it keeps my mind off all of the unbelievably hot marines that are wandering around my hotel.

1) What were you doing 10 Years Ago?
I was getting ready to graduate from high school.. Fuck I'm old!

2) 5 Years Ago?
I was living in Pennsylvania, waiting tables after college.

3) 1 Year Ago?
Living here in VA, working in Georgetown. Doing alot better than five years ago, that's for sure.

4) Five snacks you enjoy:
- Spree Candy
- Wheat Thins & Cheese
- REAL chocolate..the European kind, not the crappy American chocolate
- Wasabi Peas
- Chex Mix

5) Five songs I know by heart but wish I didn’t:
- No No No (Destiny's Child)
- You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette)
- Black Cat (Janet Jackson)
- Crazy (Britney Spears)
- Cold Hearted Snake (Paul Abdul)

6) Five things I would do with a LOT of money:
- Quit my job(same here Nicole & Tara!)
- Travel to Exotic Islands
- Pick some random charities and give a bunch to them
- Have a Blogger reunion on a cruise ship to the Caribbean
- Buy my Mom anything she wants

7) Five things I would never wear:
- Anything with ruffles and bows
- Spandex
- Stirrups (never again)
- "Daisy Dukes"
- The "Roach Brooch"

8) Five things I should never have worn:
-Stirrup pants
-Shoulder Pads
-anything with ruffles and bows
-Tube tops
-overall shorts (yeah, I was guilty of it too)

9) Five things I enjoy doing: (my list is the same as Tara's)
- Spending money on useless crap
- Writing
- Spending time with friends and laughing at stupid stuff
- Listening and dancing to music
- Cat-petting (same here Nicole!)

10) Five bad habits:
- Spending money on useless crap
- Dating men that are bad for me
- calling or IMing my ex's
- Procrastinating
- Spend too much time at the computer

11) Five people that must fill this out:
-Kirsten (it's a good thing you love me)
-Bad at Life
damn...I'm out of people...everyone else has already done it


Tara 3/31/2006 10:24:00 AM  

Good answers! It's great how many of us still know the words to "Cold Hearted Snake". Lol.

I could add more bad habits to my list like: being attracted to guys who aren't attracted to me.

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