Two Disappointments

Thursday, March 16, 2006

So last night's TV was very disappointing. Two eliminations that were a little upsetting.

First, American Idol- Melissa definitely shouldn't have been the first to go. I was really surprised that the bottom 3 were her, Ace and Lisa. Sure, Lisa is boring, but Ace and Melissa?? Come on people. Bucky seriously needs to go, as does Kevin. Couldn't believe it. Melissa may have forgotten the lyrics, but she definitely performed better than Kellie. Just goes to show- voting is based on likeability, not on performances.

Bye Melissa. We'll miss you.

Second, America's Next Top Model. A recent addiction of mine brought about by VH1's constant re-play of all 5 previous seasons.

Wendy was a very likeable, unique contestant. At first glance, she doesn't look very attractive, but there is something very unique and exotic about her. And her pictures were great. Also, I felt so bad for her- the show was filmed last fall, during Katrina, and as Wendy was a native of New Orleans, her family lost everything. Heartbreaking story. The judges kept saying that she was expressionless in all of her photos, that it seemed her mind was somewhere else. Of course it was, you idiots!! She has no home to go back to!!

The lowest two were Wendy and Jade. Jade gives new meaning to heartless bitch. She makes Amorosa look like Mother Theresa. She is so unbelievably cocky, and truly believes that she is going to win. She keeps telling all of the other models how beautiful they are, then, when alone with the camera, bitches about how she can't believe that all of these 'ugly' girls are in the competition with her. Honestly, I really do not think she is attractive, and her attitude makes her ugly. But judge for yourselves:

My final 2 for American Idol? Chris and either Mandisa or Kellie

And my favorites for ANTM? Gina, Leslie, and Kari.

God, I'm a reality tv addict.


nicole 3/16/2006 12:26:00 PM  

I watch all these shows (you're awesome) but my picks for who stays and goes were totally different.

On the AI front my absolute LEAST favorite is Kellie followed by Kevin. I have a few faves but Taylor, Elliot and Paris are at the top.

On the ANTM front, Jade is annoying but they're gonna keep her around for ratings. My favorites are Nnenna and Mollie Sue. I kinda forget the rest of 'em. ;)

Keep the reviews coming!

Ashburnite 3/16/2006 12:40:00 PM  

Thanks, I know I'm awesome :-)
Yeah, Kellie is very annoying, and I really think that whole "I'm just a dumb country girl" routine is an act, but viewers LOVE her. She's definitely not one of my favorites. I think Elliot is good, but the people voting probably won't put him in the top 4 because, let's face it, he's not at all attractive. And we are a shallow, shallow group of people.

ANTM- Nnenna is beautiful, and Mollie Sue has amazing eyes, but I think they'll go for people who are versatile...look at last year's winner- Nicole wasn't the most stunning of the group, but she worked the best for a company like Cover Girl. But I'm glad Nnenna is winning all of the challenges- she seems like a genuinely nice person.

Kirsten 3/16/2006 01:11:00 PM  

I voted til 1100 pm for melissa, as she is my home town girl...I was very disappointed that she was voted off, also. She is a much better singer than bucky or kevin, and for neither one of them to be gone, well..Needless to say..I'm pissed. As for who I think will win, I'm all for Chris. My lord, he can sing, and perform, and not to mention, he does have that Vin Diesel thing going for him, which I find toooo tooo hot. LOL...anyways, the model show, I don't watch, cuz I don't get that channel...go, I will just agree with seem to know what your talking will talk to ya later, girl
:)Just me

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