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Monday, June 26, 2006

So DIR* ("Does It Right") already seems too good to be true. He called me last night to tell me he had a great time at lunch and wanted to move our 2nd date up to tonight (if I didn't already have plans, of course....gawd he's good). He also asked what my favorite restaurant is...I guess that's where we're going. How sweet is that??? He's so good it scares me.

*Thank-you Kassy for the name!

Speaking of nice guys, mgc wrote me a poem!! No one has ever written a poem about me. He is such a sweety!! No wonder I'm smitten! Here it is:


blonde and lovely
with the cutest little toes
her words, soft and smooth
like the beauty of a budding rose

her luck with men
has lacked a certain zest
most seem to be just right
then turn to loathsome pests

to see her face
to Myspace she'll send
just don't ask "is your cousin single?"
or "do you have a friend?"

i hope this will work
and not make you sob
but if it does, well
simply think of me as bob

Thanks, certainly brightened my day. muah!


mgc 6/26/2006 12:56:00 PM  

i think that mgc guy is a momma's boy!

Raincouver 6/26/2006 02:05:00 PM  

Something tells me that Mr. DIR may be worthy of a couple of other nicknames soon. But let's keep your blog PG13 and I'll just say that so far, so good!

Ashburnite 6/26/2006 02:22:00 PM  

mgc- way! You're a stud :-)

raincouver- I certainly hope so.

White Dade 6/26/2006 03:12:00 PM  

A) Since when has this blog been PG-13

b) MOnday dates are always a good time. NO wait at the restarants, no lines at bars, and you can actually hear yourself. The downside, of course, is someone alwasy has to "get up early." Although I've know few guys who wouldn't sacrifcie sleep for sex.

Ashburnite 6/26/2006 03:20:00 PM  

wd- a) sorry, I'll be sure to write "fuck" and "shit" repeatedly in the next post :-)

b) this is only the second date, so having to get up early isn't going to interfere with anything, since nothing would happen anyways (I'm a lady, remember) :-)

nicole 6/26/2006 08:01:00 PM  

Hell, *I'M* already getting attached to this guy! Go Ash!!!

And I've love to see a list of Raincouver's "other" nicknames eventually. HAHA!

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